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Bitten by the travel bug as a preschooler when her family moved abroad for the first time, Sage Scott understands the tremendous benefits of travel. But as a single mom with four kids, three cats, two dogs, and a mortgage, she also knows that not everyone is in a position to travel the world for a living.

Now settled in America’s Heartland, Sage Scott taps into her experiences growing up all over the United States and Europe. She writes her travel blog with a midlife traveler’s perspective from Kansas City — the Midwestern cowtown affectionately called the Paris of the Plains and the undisputed Barbeque Capital of the World

If you’ve got wanderlust and a “real” life, Sage invites you to explore travel destinations, find travel inspiration, and more at Everyday Wanderer.

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Animal Encounters

How to safely observe wildlife in national parks and the best sanctuaries and zoos around the world.

Food and Wine

Enjoying the local food and wine is such a delicious part of travel!

Great Outdoors

From majestic mountains to sandy beaches, from tropical rainforests to frozen glaziers, the world is full of natural wonder.

Museums and More

Art, history, science and other museums plus libraries, memorials, historic sites, and other attractions not managed by the National Park Service.

National Parks, Monuments & Historic Sites

Including battlefields, historic sites, national monuments, and parks, the National Park System manages more than 400 sites across the United States.

Roadside Attractions

Designed to encourage road tripping travelers to stop and explore, roadside attractions can vary from fascinating to freaky.

Seasonal Travel

The best places to travel by season: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Street Art

Murals, outdoor sculptures, and other forms of street art showcase a city’s history, culture, passion, and pride.

Travel Planning

Wandering our beautiful world doesn’t have to be complicated or costly, especially when you leverage these travel planning resources.

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Explore Everyday Travel Destinations by Continent


Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, and Algeria are the most popular travel destinations in Africa.


At the top of many Asia travel bucket lists are Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Nepal, China, and India.


Approximately 12 million Americans visit Europe each year with France, England, Italy, and Spain as top travel destinations.

North America

Travel destinations in North America are dominated by Canada, Mexico, and the United States.


Oceania includes Australia and New Zealand as well as the island nations of Micronesia and Polynesia.

South America

When it comes to popular travel destinations in South America, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru are very popular.

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