When it comes to travel destinations in Asia, there are many popular choices. At the top of many travel bucket lists are the Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Nepal, China, and India.

Everyday Postcard: Chocolate in Seoul

Everyday Postcard from Chocolate Seoul

Travel blogger, English teacher, and chocolate lover, Max (AKA Dame Cacao), shares this week’s delicious Everyday Postcard featuring chocolate in Seoul, South Korea. Read the back of her postcard to learn more about these truffles and where to find the best chocolate treats in the South Korean capital.

Everyday Postcard from Japan’s Okunoin Cemetery

Everyday Postcard from Japan's Okunoin Cemetery

The Ichinohashi Bridge marks the entrance to Japan’s Okunoin Cemetery, one of Japan’s most sacred sites. Nick from Spiritual Travels visited Koyasan in winter and shares his experience in this week’s Everyday Postcard.

New Year Traditions from Around the Globe

New Year Traditions from Around the Globe

New year traditions vary widely from country to country. From foods to fashion, all wrapped with fun superstitions intended to usher out the old and bring in the new, here are some of the ways New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are celebrated around the globe.

Everyday Postcard from the Karola Glacier in Tibet

Back of Everyday Postcard from the Karola Glacier in Tibet

The Karola Glacier is the largest in Tibet, covering nearly six sq miles (10 sq km) and soaring to more than three miles above sea level. Experience this autonomous region of China via this week’s Everyday Postcard sent in by Annalisa from Travel Connect Experience.

Everyday Postcard from Japan’s Mount Fuji

Everyday Postcard: Japan's Mount Fuji

Surrounded by five lakes, Japan’s Mount Fuji is actually three active volcanoes. Learn more about this sacred UNESCO World Heritage Site from Nick of Spiritual Travels in this Everyday Postcard.

Everyday Postcard from Taipei, Taiwan

Everyday Postcard from Taipei, Taiwan

Located on the northern tip of Taiwan, an island just off the coast of China, Taipei is a bustling modern city and food-lover’s dream. Learn more about Taipei, Taiwan, in this Everyday Postcard from Erica.

Everyday Postcard from Kerala, India

Everyday Postcard from Kerala India from Marco Ferrarese

Hugging the southwestern coast of India, Kerala known for its palm tree-lined beaches along the Arabian Sea. But the region also boasts majestic mountains planted with coffee, tea, and spices as well as phenomenal wildlife sanctuaries. Go beyond Kerala’s popular tourist areas with Marco in this Everyday Postcard.   With seven continents, nearly 200 countries, and …

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