Everyday Postcards

With seven continents, nearly 200 countries, and more than 7.5 billion people in the world, even the most avid traveler with unlimited funds couldn’t see it all in one lifetime. So explore with these Everyday Postcards sent in by travel bloggers from around the world.

Everyday Postcard from Luner Lake, Austria

Lüner Lake (Lünersee in German) is a large lake near the village of Brand in Austria that can be reached by a cable car system, the Lünerseebahn. Learn more about this picturesque place via this week’s Everyday Postcard from Emily.

Everyday Postcard: Chocolate in Seoul

Everyday Postcard from Chocolate Seoul

Travel blogger, English teacher, and chocolate lover, Max (AKA Dame Cacao), shares this week’s delicious Everyday Postcard featuring chocolate in Seoul, South Korea. Read the back of her postcard to learn more about these truffles and where to find the best chocolate treats in the South Korean capital.

Everyday Postcard from Easter Island

Back of Everyday Postcard from Easter Island, Chile sent by Life of Doing

Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and known for its 800+ monumental moai statues, Easter Island is an intriguing destination. Learn more about it in this week’s Everyday Postcard from Jackie, the travel blogger behind Life of Doing. On the back of her Everyday Postcard, Jackie writes the mysterious moai on the remote Easter Island: …

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Everyday Postcard from a Dutch Windmill in Sint Philipsland

Dutch Windmill in St. Philipsland

On the southwestern coast of the Netherlands, Sint Philipsland is a small, quiet community far from heavily visited tourist destinations elsewhere in the Netherlands. This Dutch windmill is one of many that have played important roles in the country’s history. Learn more about Dutch windmills in this week’s Everyday Postcard sent in by Rianne.

Everyday Postcard from the Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy

Everyday Postcard from Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy

As a result of centuries of additions, alterations, and restorations, the Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy, is an interesting mix of architectural styles. Learn more about the Palermo Cathedral in this week’s Everyday Postcard from Talek who visited the cathedral on a road trip through southern Italy.

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