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Touring Livermore Valley Wineries via Pedego Electric Bike (Love at First Ride)

Although I’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring California’s beautiful Livermore Valley Wine Country, this was my first time touring the area via an electric bike rental courtesy of Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore. Here’s why my first time on a Pedego electric bike was “love at first ride” and why I can’t wait to get back on another ebike soon.

I received a 50% discount to enjoy an electric bike rental from Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore to explore Livermore Valley Wine Country. But you can count on me to always share my honest opinions, regardless of who foots the bill.

I’ve never ridden a bicycle through the Alps. But I’m pretty sure that if I had delicious wine as a motivational carrot and a Pedego electric bike, I’d be sporting the coveted yellow jersey for the entire Tour de France.

While electric bikes aren’t allowed in the world’s most prestigious bicycle race, they are permitted in the Livermore Valley Wine Country. And I had an amazing time pedaling my way past vineyards and coasting past cow pastures as I traveled from one wine tasting experience to another on a Pedego electric bike rented from Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore.

Have You Ridden an Electric Bike?

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What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike looks like a mountain bike. But when you want or need a little boost — like if there is a big hill to climb or if you’ve fallen behind the rest of your group because you were taking pictures of rolling hills full of lush grapevines — it taps into a hidden super power. And by super power, I mean a six- to eight-pound rectangular battery that slips into a special compartment behind the bicycle seat. 

A Pedego Electric Bike is a cross between a mountain bike and a moped.
Imagine that a moped and a mountain bike had a baby. That’s an electric bike. But unlike a moped, the motor on an electric bike isn’t designed to fully replace the rider’s pedaling power, just augment it. Photo courtesy of Pedego Electric Bikes.

At its core, an electric bike looks a lot like a traditional bike. But it has a few extra components:  a motor, battery pack, throttle, and LCD console. Like a car’s dashboard, the LCD console on a Pedego electric bike gives you all the information you need for a successful ride. The console allows you to set your desired pedal assist level, track your speed, monitor your battery level, and more.

How Do You Ride an Electric Bike?

For the most part, riding an electric bike is just like riding a traditional bike. But when you need a little boost, let the pedal assist kick in at your desired level. If you need a bit more juice, twist the throttle for an extra boost.

Riding a Pedego electric bike is a lot like riding a standard bike. But when you want to kick things up a notch, simply pull the throttle toward you. Within seconds, you’ll feel like Han Solo putting your Millennium Falcon bicycle into warp speed.

Sage Advice:  Whether hitting the road on a traditional bike or an electric bike, be sure you are following the biking rules of the road


What Should You Wear While Riding an Electric Bike?

It’s best to wear closed-toe shoes, so opt for tennis shoes instead of sandals or flip flops. You’ll also want a bicycle helmet as well as sunscreen and a great pair of cycling sunglasses to protect your skin and sight from the sun.

Do You Still Have to Pedal an Electric Bike?

Yes, but engaging the bike’s electric motor via pedal assist turns your legs into bionic limbs no matter how many years it’s been since you last rode a bike. 

How Long Does an Electric Bike Battery Last?

When you rent an electric bike, whether for a few hours or a full day, you’ll have enough battery to last. We rode our Pedego electric bikes over rolling hills for many miles over a span of several hours and still only used about 25% of the battery’s juice. 

Love at First Ride at Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore

Pedego promises that “it’s always love at first ride” when you rent an electric bike from them. While we definitely fell in love with our Pedego electric bikes, we also fell in love with the friendly and knowledgeable owners of Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore, Jim and Loretta Buck.

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The couple’s “love at first ride” story spans several decades, starting with a traditional bicycle, the first gift Jim gave Loretta when they started dating. Now rocking middle age, the Bucks’s story is a common one. Boy meets girl and they fall in love.

The next two decades are a whirlwind of raising children and toiling at demanding corporate jobs. And, in the blink of an eye, the kids are grown and off in the world and the couple suddenly has time to dust off old pastimes.

So just over a year ago, on a beautiful May day, Jim and Loretta rented a pair of Pedego electric bikes. They fell in love with cycling all over again and a few months later opened Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore.

Exploring Livermore Valley Wine Country by Pedego Electric Bike

Unlike renting a Pedego electric bike in Orange Beach, Alabama, or Jackson, Wyoming, Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore is located in one of California’s best wine valleys. So instead of coasting along the Gulf shore or climbing the Teton Mountains, riding an electric bike in this part of the country will take you past rows and rows of vineyards or from tasting room to tasting room.

A Pedego e-bike on a trail
Photo Credit: Sage Scott

Jim and Loretta Buck know this, so they are prepared with winery maps, route recommendations, and other expert knowledge that comes from living in a beautiful wine valley for many years. They will also equip your Pedego electric bike with a pannier bag and wine bottle carrier upon request to make it easier for you to purchase a few bottles of the amazing chardonnay, cabernet, and other wines you’re sure to enjoy when you visit.

What Makes Renting a Bike from Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore So Fantastic?

After completing a brief training on how to operate our Pedego electric bikes, Loretta offered us wirelessly connected bike helmets. These special helmets allowed us to easily communicate while riding our bikes through wine country. And, with a 12-year-old occasionally riding on bike trails that are simply a line painted on a road shared with cars, it gave me great comfort to be able to warn her when a car was approaching from the rear or when she started to stray a bit over the big white line.

We were offered sunscreen before we set out to explore Livermore wineries, and each bicycle also came with a bottle of water to help us stay hydrated. There were also easy-to-use bicycle locks so we could secure the bikes when we stopped to take in the scenery or sample a petite sirah.

While each of us rode a traditional Pedego Electric Bike, Jim and Loretta Buck also rent specialty bikes at Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore. If you’re exploring Livermore Valley wineries as a couple, consider renting a bicycle built for two in the form of a tandem Pedego Electric Bike. Or, if you’re renting an ebike with younger children in tow, consider a Pedego Stretch that allows up to two smaller children to ride on the back of the Pedego Electric Bike.

Tips for Riding an Electric Bike

The interactive screen on a Pedego bike.
  • Any time you dismount your Pedego electric bike, be sure the pedal assist is set to 0. Otherwise, you run the risk of your electric bike taking off without you.
  • When you stop to take in the scenery, enjoy a wine tasting, or otherwise leave your electric bike for an extended period of time, your battery pack will automatically power down. Before hopping back on your Pedego electric bike, reach under the battery pack and flip the switch back into the on position.
  • At about 50 pounds, an electric bike is roughly twice as heavy as a standard mountain bike. For the most part, the weight difference isn’t very noticeable. But you’ll likely notice the extra heft getting on and off the bike, walking it somewhere, or if you lift it up over a curb.
Three Pedego bikes locked together
  • Any time you leave your electric bike to explore your surroundings, be sure you lock it up. And always take any valuables — like your bicycle helmet, cell phone, and wine purchases — with you rather than leave them in your bike’s basket or pannier bag.

To Rent an Electric Bike from Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore

What does it cost to rent an e-bike from Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore?

Rent a Pedego Interceptor, Boomerang, or Tandem bike through this link and your bike will be outfitted with a pannier bag, a wine trail map, and a cold bottle of water.

If you end up falling in love with your Pedego bike at first ride, Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore also sells electric bikes with 0% financing for six months.

Where is Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore?

Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore is located at 6538 Patterson Pass Road, Suite A in Livermore, California.

When is Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore open?

Pedego Electric Bikes Livermore is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Wednesdays through Sundays. The shop is open on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only.

Have You Ridden an Electric Bike?

What did you like most about renting an electric bike? Any additional tips and tricks to pass along? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

A view of the rugged California coast


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22 thoughts on “Touring Livermore Valley Wineries via Pedego Electric Bike (Love at First Ride)”

  1. Ah Livermore Wineries! One of these things we did not get to do when we were living in Oakland! But we enjoyed a great bike wine trip in Napa, so I can imagine how lovely such a tour would be in Livermore. We did not electric bikes, and the end of the day was somewhat harder than the beginning!

    1. While you definitely get the gist of exploring wine country by bike, I must say that you missed out by not visiting the Livermore Valley. I swear it’s California’s best kept secret. Next time!

  2. It is so much fun to rent a bike while traveling. I did it in Amsterdam and it was a great way to blend in with the locals and to see the city. I almost rented it in Siem Reap too!. However I’ve never tried the e-bike and would love to try it whenever I’m traveling next.

  3. sunsetsandrollercoasters

    I’ve looked into bike rentals so many times when travelling and never bit the bullet. I’ve heard of electric bikes but never really thought they’d help. Holy cow!! Renting an electric bike is now on my to do list for our next vacation! I’ll be sure to set it to 0 when I stop 🙂

  4. I would love to try an electric bike. It’s a great way to explore but every time I try, I get punished for not being a regular biker… This is a bit off putting and you could miss out of places that can only be visited by bike. The key is to find places that rent them out…

    1. When you say you “get punished for not being a regular biker” do you mean that you can’t take your electric bike the same places that regular bikes go? Something else?

  5. This is awesome, I never knew how e-bikes worked and like that you can still pedal and get your exercise but then have a boost if there’s a big hill or you start struggling. Bikes seem like the perfect way to explore this beautiful region, it’s so nice to be able to stop whenever you want but also to have the wind in your hair too. We love exploring wine regions and have done a few in NZ and Australia so this would be perfect.

  6. I have never rented an electric bike but would love to! It looks like so much fun and I know I would be the one to use the help. Those inclines and my constant stop from taking pics will definitely put me behind in a group tour 🙂 I’ll have to rent one of these next time!

  7. Our daughter goes to Santa Cruz and just turned 21. We have biked regularly as a family, so we promised her a bike ride through the wineries. This sounds like a splendid option. I have tried Pedego bikes before and the are a lot of fun. Even if you don’t “need” the assist, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

  8. Fantastic way to explore those vineyards but what happens if you have tooooooo much wine? Is it good to still explore with a electric bike..he he. But seriously, already looking at doing some vineyards in this area and I never heard of Livermore Valley so will do some research for my future trip 🙂

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