5 Reasons You Need Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag (Besides Camping)

Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag

For coffee lovers, starting the day with a cup of joe can be as important as air. But what about when you are miles from the nearest bag of espresso beans, a coffee grinder, and a way to brew your magical beans? Wildland Coffee has a solution: coffee in a tea bag!

A special thanks to Wildland Coffee for sending me a few samples of their new coffee in a tea bag so I could give it a try. I always share my honest opinions, whether a company sends me samples or I purchase the items myself.

As she sipped her cup of black coffee brewed in a 1940s era percolator, my grandmother would jokingly refer to my coffee preference as a coffee milkshake. But in a world with 32,000 Starbucks, I prefer to call my java dolled up with cream and sugar by a more sophisticated name, like a café au lait or latte. 

Whether it’s hand crafted by my favorite local coffee shop barista or brewed at home, I know that I need a cup of joe (or two) to kick start my mornings. So what’s a caffeine addict to do when that’s a tall order? Thank goodness Wildland Coffee has an answer!

Cup of Coffee with Book and Dood

Have You Tried Coffee in a Tea Bag?

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How Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag Works

Making a cup of Wildland Coffee is fast and easy, and you can get the job done in a few easy steps. (even if you haven’t had a cup of coffee first).

  1. Boil water
  2. Pour about 8 ounces of boiling water into a coffee mug and place the coffee bag in the water
  3. Let the coffee in a tea bag steep for five to eight minutes (I definitely recommend closer to 8 minutes)
  4. Remove and discard the tea bag (that’s filled with coffee), stir, and enjoy!

For a hardcore hiking and camping enthusiast, like my coffee-loving daughter Juliette, it’s easy to see how a few packets of Wildland Coffee are perfect for her trips. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to brew in the backcountry. But I’m rather fond of running water. And indoor plumbing. 

Here are five reasons you’ll need Wildland Coffee in a tea bag (even if you don’t camp).

1. When Staying with Non-Coffee Drinkers

I know it’s hard for coffee lovers to understand, but some people do not drink coffee. And, I’m related to some of them. Wildland Coffee is a hassle-free way for me to kick start my mornings with a cup of joe when we visit our family in Montana without walking two miles to the nearest coffee shop or having to beg another family member for the keys to the car.

French press with cup of coffee and coffee beans

2. When You Don’t Want to Deal with a French Press

Hard-core coffee drinkers probably started reading this article thinking about a French press or pour-over coffee maker as a solution. And while they’re not wrong, both are a bulky, messy hassle when traveling. A five- or ten-count box of Wildland Coffee in a tea bag takes up next to no room in my carry-on and requires no special equipment.

Landers lit by candles during a power outage

3. When Your Power is Out

You don’t live in Kansas without hearing an endless supply of tiresome Wizard of Oz jokes from out-of-staters, but we do live in the middle of tornado alley and our power is out during inclement weather several times a year. With Wildland Coffee in a tea bag, mornings without electricity are no longer caffeine free. I can boil water on the gas stove or pull Juliette’s camp stove out of the garage, and I’m good to go!

4. When You’re Afraid of the Germs Lurking in Your Hotel Coffee Maker

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, I never thought about the germs that could be lurking in the hotel coffee maker. Then I saw a video that truly shook me. One traveler demonstrated how she cooked sous vide bacon and eggs in the hotel coffee maker, and I just about barfed. Ick! Raw bacon juice. I may never, EVER be able to use the coffee machine in my hotel room again.

5. When You Don’t Have the Heart to Add Another Keurig Cup to a Landfill

If you’re lucky enough to sleep through the night in a hotel room without having night terrors about contracting trichinella or salmonella, you may still be reluctant to add another single-use coffee pod to the tens of billions already in landfills, courtesy of your hotel room coffee maker. (After all, that’s why we use one of these babies in our Keurig at home.)

Wildland Coffee bags are compostable, and the packaging can be recycled. Granted, you have to actually compost the bag and recycle the packaging to make a positive environmental impact, but this is true for everything you buy and consume.

Hudson and Sage Sipping Coffee

But How Does Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag Taste?

Delish! You already know that I’m a “coffee milkshake” girl, but Wildland Coffee tastes great black. I’ll always add cream and sugar if they’re available, but if they’re not I still enjoy Wildland Coffee au natural.

To Try Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag

Give Wildland Coffee in a tea bag a try by visiting their website. Each coffee in a tea bag is individually wrapped and can be purchased in quantities of 5, 10, 20, and 40. Note that you automatically save 5% when you purchase 20 bags and 10% when you purchase 40 bags. Plus, customers shipping to US addresses can get free shipping with a minimum order of $10.

Have You Tried Wildland Coffee?

What did you think about Wildland Coffee in a tea bag? When does it best benefit your lifestyle? Any additional tips and tricks to pass along? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Need Wildland Coffee in a Tea Bag (Besides Camping)”

  1. I am a coffee lover of epic proportions. The coffee in a tea bag sounds like one of the best inventions yet! So easy and you can always have coffee on hand.

  2. This coffee in a tea bag is a really good idea. It’s basically like a paper filter, anyway, so I assume the taste is as good as filter coffee. At home, my coffeemaker grinds the beans for each cup – but when travelling, I came across some truly bad nescafé – hence, coffee in a tea bag would be a lifesaver 😀

    1. When I first tried Wildland Coffee, I was expecting it to taste like instant coffee (like Nescafe). Fortunately, it tasted like a real cup of coffee! And, it was good black! (I usually ad cream and sugar).

  3. I tried coffee in tea bag for the first time last year (Gregory’s Coffee), and I was really impressed, too! Your examples of when it comes in handy are spot on! I can be a bit of a coffee snob, and I have definitely brought tea bag coffee with me when traveling to make sure I drink the quality of coffee I prefer. Situation #6, although maybe much more infrequent, I brought them with me to the hospital when my wife was being induced and in labor. 🙂 Especially useful during COVID in January when I couldn’t leave the hospital once we entered.

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