By sage scott

Duck Dining 101

Say goodbye to bread and hello to healthier options 

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We've all done it—fed stale bread to ducks.  But did you know it's harmful to them and the environment? Here are better options...

What Do Ducks Eat?

In the wild, ducks munch on grasses, earthworms, small fish, and aquatic plants.  They also love grains, but not the kind in your sandwich. 

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Whether you're at a local lake or raising ducks in your backyard, there are plenty of nutritious options to keep them happy and healthy.

Whether it's millet, sunflower seeds, or another mix, birdseed is safe for ducks.


Fresh or dried, corn is safe for ducks. Just be sure to coarsely grind dried corn kernels. 


Whether steel-cut, rolled,  or quick, ducks love them! 


Save strawberry greens and other chunks of fruit to feed ducks.


Don't toss veggie scraps! Ducks enjoy carrot and cucumber peelings, radish tops, and lettuce leaves. 

Veggie Scraps

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Get the full list of what to feed ducks