Livermore Valley: Your Complete Guide to California's Under-the-Radar Wine Region

Welcome to Livermore Valley, a wine lover's paradise just east of San Francisco Bay. Let's explore its wineries, tips, and best times to visit.

Livermore is home to iconic wineries like Concannon and Wente Vineyards. They've been crafting exquisite wines for over a century.

With more than 40 options, you’ll also find family-owned estates and boutique wineries like McGrail, Nottingham Cellars, and Rodrigue Molyneaux.

Before heading out for a day of wine tasting, be sure to plan your food. Most wineries offer limited snacks, so pack a picnic or schedule a stop at Garre Cafe. 

Livermore is a year-round destination, but Harvest season, from late August to October, is a particularly exciting time to visit. You’ll get to witness the grape harvest and maybe even partake in some winemaking activities.

When you’re hungry after a day of visiting the wineries, Livermore offers a range of dining options from casual eateries to fine dining experiences.

Need a place to stay? Livermore has a range of accommodations ranging from national hotel chains to suites to resorts. 

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