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St. Louis Eats: 12 Must-Try Local Dishes

Welcome to St. Louis, a city where the food scene is as diverse and rich as its history. Let's dig in!

Gooey Butter Cake


Start your day with a slice of gooey butter cake, a St. Louis breakfast staple that's irresistibly sweet.



The Slinger is your go-to dish after a night out. It's a hearty mix of a burger patty, eggs, hash browns, and chili.

St. Paul Sandwich


The St. Paul Sandwich is a Chinese-American hybrid featuring an egg foo yong patty between slices of white bread.

Toasted Ravioli


Toasted Ravioli is a St. Louis classic. These breaded and deep-fried pockets of joy are best enjoyed with marinara sauce.

St. Louis-Style Pizza


St. Louis Style Pizza features a cracker-like crust and is topped with the city's own Provel cheese.

Pork Steak


BBQ Pork Steak is a St. Louis barbecue classic. Made from pork shoulder, it's seasoned, smoked, and drenched in tangy sauce.

Frozen Custard  Concrete


Cool down with a frozen custard concrete, a thick and creamy dessert so dense you can turn it upside down without a spill!

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