Dutch Savory Staples: A Flavorful Feast

Embark on a savory exploration of Dutch cuisine. From hearty soups to indulgent snacks, these are the flavors that define the Netherlands.

Bitterballen: A crispy, meaty delight, these are the go-to snack for any Dutch gathering. Best enjoyed hot and dipped in zesty mustard.

Frites: Thick and golden, Dutch fries are a cut above. Served in a cone with a dollop of mayonnaise, they're a street food sensation.

Erwtensoep: A spoon stands up in this traditional pea soup, rich with vegetables and smoked sausage. It's the Dutch answer to winter or any rainy day.

Frikandellen: A guilty pleasure, these skinless sausages are a fast-food favorite in the Netherlands, often accompanied by mayonnaise or curried ketchup.

Mussels: Steamed in white wine and herbs, Dutch mussels are a seaside treat. Served with fries, they're a match made in culinary heaven.

Kaas: Dutch cheese ranges from mild Gouda to pungent Limburger. The Netherlands is a cheese lover's paradise.

Satay: Borrowed from Indonesian cuisine, these skewered meats smothered in peanut sauce have found a home in Dutch hearts.

Hungry for more? Discover the full array of savory Dutch specialties that await your palate.