Using Up Stale Bread without Injuring Waterfowl

As an informed citizen of Earth, you already know you should never feed bread to ducks, geese, swans, or other waterfowl. But what should you do with that stale bread instead of injuring ducks and polluting waterways?  Here are five tips…

Feeding old bread to ducks seems like a good idea, but it’s really, really not. It causes malnutrition and loss of natural behavior in the birds, and the bread not consumed by ducks, geese, and swans attracts pests and pollutes waterways.

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Keep reading for five ways you can use up your stale bread without injuring waterfowl.

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What to do with Stale Bread Instead

1. Chop it into croutons

Quickly turn stale bread into croutons that can be used to top salads or soups. It only takes about ten minutes from start to finish, and as long as you have the bread, you probably have all the ingredients you need on hand. Try this recipe for homemade croutons from Tina’s Tastings.

Make Croutons to use up stale bread
Photo by Tina’s Tastings

Pro Tip:  Top off soup with homemade croutons! This acorn squash soup recipe from A New York Foodie is the perfect soup to top off with croutons this fall.

Acorn Squash Soup from A New York Foodie

2. Crumble it into breadcrumbs

Using a food processor and adding a few spices from your spice cabinet, you can turn stale bread into seasoned breadcrumbs. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for homemade breadcrumbs from Valya’s Taste of Home.

Turn stale bread into breadcrumbs
Photo by Valya’s Taste of Home


3. Bake bread pudding

While it’s highly unlikely that there is leftover challah bread at our house, if you find yourself with half a loaf sitting around, turn it into bread pudding with this recipe from Let’s Eat Cake.  In case bread pudding made from challah bread doesn’t sound amazing enough on its own, the dish is topped bourbon caramel sauce. Oh, my!

Turn stale bread into bread pudding
Photo by Let’s Eat Cake


4. Stuff a turkey or serve it as a side

Use up dry cornbread and leftover French baguette by making this cornbread herb stuffing recipe from Stick a Fork In It.  Homemade stuffing is fast and easy to make, and it tastes soooooo much better than the boxed kind.

Use up stale bread by making cornbread stuffing
Photo by Stick a Fork In It


5. Make a meatloaf

When making meatloaf, breadcrumbs are added to the ground beef in order to stretch the meat to serve more people.  Use the homemade breadcrumbs you made in Tip #2 above to make a meatloaf with stale bread. Try this meatloaf recipe from Fox Valley Foodie.


Use up stale bread by making a meatloaf
Photo by Fox Valley Foodie

What about you?  What’s your favorite way to use up stale bread?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

5 ways to use stale old bread that doesn't harm ducks


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