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Travel Tips & Themes: Street Art - Everyday Wanderer

From coast to coast and continent to continent, street art — like large format murals and outdoor sculptures — is increasingly popular. These images and statues tell each city’s story in a very personal way, showcasing its history, culture, passion, and pride.

Street Art in Europe

With more than 100, large format murals painted on a 0.8 mile portion of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is the world’s longest open-air art gallery. Covered with bright, uplifting street art, the East Side Gallery has helped transform the cold concrete wall that divided Germany for three decades into a phenomenal work of art.

Street Art in North America

This Minneapolis mural is a great example of street art in the US
In a nod to one of its most famous sons, this Minneapolis, Minnesota, mural portrays the lyrics to one of Prince’s most popular songs.

Street Art in Oceania

This mural in New Zealand is a provocative piece of street art that connects us to the world's oceans
This provocative piece of street art in Napier, New Zealand, reminds us of our connection with the world’s oceans.


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