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Travel Tips & Themes: Food and Wine

Savoring the local food and wine is such an exciting part of travel. So when our family travels, we spend as much time researching what to eat and drink as we do what to see and do. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we have quite a lot to share when it comes to food and wine!

From hometown favorites — like Kansas City’s world-famous barbeque and Jude’s rum cakes — to the Dutch treats I loved as a teenager in the Netherlands, here are some of our food and wine recommendations.

Food and Wine Anywhere

Food and Wine in Asia

Food and Wine in Europe

While it is possible to eat a terrible meal in Europe, it’s usually pretty hard to find bad food in Europe. After hundreds and hundreds of meals after living in and traveling throughout Europe for many years, only two have been less than stellar. Most restaurants prepare foods from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Along the coasts, fish and seafood is often caught and served the same day.  Desserts are incredibly flavorful and not as sickly sweet as they often taste in the United States. Be sure to try these food and wine recommendations when you visit Europe.

A stroopwafel is a Dutch treat that connects two thin waffle wafers with caramel syrup
The food in Europe is amazing, especially these Dutch treats known as stroopwafels. A stroopwafel is made of two thin waffle wafers connected with caramel syrup. They go well with an afternoon coffee.

Food and Wine in North America

Lobster rolls are a common food in the US in the Northeast
Prevalent in the Northeastern states of Maine and Massachusetts, lobster rolls are a delicious food in the US.

From lobster rolls in Maine to dim sum in San Francisco, from fish fries in Wisconsin to barbeque in Kansas City, the US is full of delicious regional cuisine. You won’t want to miss these food and wine experiences when you travel in the United States and elsewhere in North America.

Food and Wine in the American Midwest

Food and Wine in the American Northeast

Food and Wine in the American South

Shrimp and grits is a delicious dish to eat in Gulf Shores
Prepared in a variety of ways, shrimp is a food in the USA you won’t want to miss when you visit the American South.

Food and Wine in the American West

Other Food and Wine Articles and Destinations in North America

Food and Wine in Oceania