Travel Destinations in Europe

Travel Destinations in Europe

Both the second smallest and second-most densely populated continent, Europe is home to 741 million people across 46 countries. While this number of countries puts Europe on par with much larger continents like Africa (54 countries) and Asia (47 countries), it’s important to remember that travel destinations in Europe include some of the world’s smallest countries. These include Europe travel spots like Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Malta, and Andorra.

Approximately 12 million Americans visit European travel destinations each year, suggesting it is at the top of many travel bucket lists. If you are visiting Europe for the first time, be sure to read this complete list of things that every American should know before heading across the Atlantic. While there’s no bad time to visit Europe, there’s nothing quite like visiting Europe in the summer, and these seven European cities are popular destinations in Europe to visit when the weather is warm. You can also visit Europe virtually by reading these award-winning thrillers by novelist Dan Brown.

Although more than 20 languages are spoken across Europe, English is commonly spoken. But English won’t work everywhere, so consider these tips on overcoming language barriers. Even when you can communicate in English, knowing these few, key phrases in the local language will enhance your experience when you travel abroad.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Across the Continent

From sunny Portugal in the west to where Russia starts to climb the Ural Mountains and become Asia, there are so many great destinations in Europe to visit. This collection of articles mentions more than one European travel spot.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Austria

Nestled in the Alps and well-known for its ski slopes, Austria is a top travel destination in Europe.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located on the Balkan Peninsula across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina is an up and coming European travel destination.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Germany

Travel Destinations in Europe - Greece

In addition to the mainland peninsula that juts out into the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the European country of Greece is also made up of thousands of islands.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Hungary

The Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary
Sitting on the banks of the Danube River, Budapest's Parliament is the largest building in Hungary.

For centuries the Danube River flowing through Hungary separated the distinct cities of Buda and Pest. Today the two are united into the European city of Budapest.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Ireland

This island just southwest of Great Britain is a popular European destination for American travelers.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Italy

Shaped like a high heeled boot, Italy is a popular destination in Europe to visit.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Netherlands

Known for its windmills, tulips, and canals, the Netherlands is a popular travel spot in northern Europe.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Norway

With soaring snow-capped mountains and deep water-filled fjords, Norway is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Portugal

Known for its stunning sunny beaches and delicious wine and food, Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Russia

Russia is a transcontinental country, located partially in Europe and partially in Asia. The articles listed below are related to the European travel destinations of the country.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Spain

With more than 3,100 miles of coastline, Spain is one of the top travel destinations in Europe for travelers seeking a vacation destination filled with sun, sand, and surf.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Sweden

Sweden is a popular Europe travel spot for those who want to experience the Northern Lights.

Travel Destinations in Europe - Switzerland

From white snow-capped mountains to crystal blue lakes and rolling green meadows, Switzerland is known for its natural beauty. And the chocolate and cheese aren’t bad either!

Travel Destinations in Europe - Turkey

The Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul, Turkey
The massive Hagia Sophia was originally a Christian cathedral before it was converted into a mosque in 1453. Now a secularized museum, you can tour this fascinating building in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey is a transcontinental country, located partially in Europe and primarily in Asia. The Bosporus Strait separates the country’s largest city, Istanbul, between the two continents. 

Istanbul is home to the Hagia Sophia, a church-turned-mosque-turned museum. This massive landmark was featured in Dan Brown’s thriller Inferno along with several other things to do in Istanbul like the Galata Bridge and Basilica Cistern. But before you visit this country where slender minarets stretch toward the heavens, read up on these rules of etiquette in the Middle East.

Fun Fact:  Istanbul was known as Constantinople during the Byzantine period. (And now the They Might Be Giants song is stuck in my head…)

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