How to Enjoy a Smoke-Free Vacation in Las Vegas

Well known as a resort city filled with neon lights, luxurious accommodations, bustling casinos, fine dining, high-end shops, and endless entertainment, it’s easy to understand why Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination. But if you suffer from a respiratory condition, want to take good care of your lungs, are traveling with children, or just hate the lingering smell of stale cigarette smoke in your hair and clothing, Las Vegas can quickly lose its glimmer. Here’s how to enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. asked me to share my experience visiting Las Vegas.

For as long as I can remember, my daughter Louise has held her breath anytime she sees someone smoking. This includes when the driver of the car next to us at a stoplight is smoking and both cars have the windows rolled up. But in a country where too many children are already addicted to nicotine, whether via old-fashioned cigarettes or modern 21st-century devices, I’d rather have her dramatically (and unnecessarily) hold her breath around smokers than become one.

While Louise has long dreamed of exploring Las Vegas beyond a plane change at McCarran International Airport, she’s also quite apprehensive due to the stories she’s heard about the city’s abundant cigarette smoke. For many years, she’s smelled my suitcase, clothes, and other belongings when I’ve returned from business trips to the Gambling Capital of the World. And she’s visibly horrified when I explain that there are many places where people are allowed to smoke indoors in Las Vegas. For example, nearly every hotel has a casino, and nearly every casino allows smoking. And, to ensure that folks are as tempted as possible to pull the lever on a slot machine or sit down at a blackjack table, the only real way to get to your hotel room is to wind through the smoke-filled haze of the casino.

If you’re allergic to cigarette smoke, have a respiratory condition (like asthma) that is negatively affected by cigarette smoke, or simply hate the stale smell that lingers on your clothes when others suck on cancer sticks around you, visiting Las Vegas can be tough. But these tips will help you enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas.

Sage Advice: Whether you stay on the Strip or near Fremont Street, you can find the perfect accommodation including non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas.

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Use Lyft to enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas
One way to enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas is to use Lyft instead of a cab

1. Opt for a Lyft (Instead of a Cab)

Whether traveling from the airport to your hotel or from your hotel to a destination along The Strip, one way to ensure a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas is by carefully selecting your mode of transportation.

While taxi drivers are not allowed to smoke while passengers are in the cab, they are permitted to light up between fares. So the best way to ensure a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas is to hail a ridesharing vehicle instead.

Out of respect for everyone, Lyft’s company policy states that drivers may not smoke in their vehicles at any time, which ensures that riders with health concerns, as well as those who forgot to pack Febreze to remove the stale smell from their clothing, can ride without issue.

While I’ve never personally traveled in any ridesharing vehicle that smelled like stale cigarette smoke, Uber, the nation’s other most recognizable ridesharing company, doesn’t have as clearly stated a policy as Lyft. The community guidelines published on Uber’s website indicate that riders can be charged a fine for property damage for smoking in a vehicle, but there is no stated rule for the drivers.

Delano Las Vegas is a non-smoking hotel on The Strip
Delano Las Vegas is a non-smoking hotel on The Strip. Photo courtesy of Delano Las Vegas

2. Stay in a Smoke-Free Las Vegas Hotel

Instead of meandering through a smoke-filled casino and stepping into an elevator that reeks of stale Marlboros to reach your smoke-free room (a very common Las Vegas scenario that gives my daughter nightmares), enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas by staying at a non-smoking hotel.

As you might imagine, the number of venues that allow smoking in Sin City is much longer than the list of non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas. But, unlike a sober 21-year-old celebrating her milestone birthday on the Las Vegas Strip, they do exist.

Here are a few non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas:

  • Delano Las Vegas, 3940 S Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations, 80 E Harmon Ave.
  • Four Seasons Hotel, 3960 Las Vegas Blvd S.
  • NoMad Las Vegas, 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Park MGM, 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd.

A non-smoking hotel in Las Vegas means there is no smoking allowed on the property, including the hotel rooms, casino, restaurant, and coffee shop. However, like many smoke-free establishments, smoking may be allowed in designated areas like a dedicated smoker’s lounge or an outdoor spot.

Nicknamed “Lost Wages,” the city of Las Vegas has slot machines and gambling just about everywhere, including the McCarran International Airport

3. Partake in Smoke-Free Activities in Las Vegas

Passed in 2006, the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act is quite specific about where folks can (and can’t) smoke indoors in the Silver State. In order to enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas, avoid places where visitors are allowed to light up indoors, including:

  • Bars and casinos restricted to guests who are at least 21 years old
  • Retail tobacco stores and private tobacco events
  • Strip clubs and brothels

Instead, focus your indoor activities in Las Vegas at venues like:

  • Bars and casinos that allow guests under the age of 21
  • Retail establishments, including shopping malls and boutiques
  • Museums, movie theatres, and arcades

Or, get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine (while also giving your ears a break from the non-stop chatter of slot machines)!

NOTE:  All indoor areas of restaurants are required to be smoke- and vape-free. However, diners are allowed to smoke cigarettes and use vaping products in outdoor seating areas unless otherwise stated.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Smoke-Free Vacation in Las Vegas

Are there any non-smoking casinos in Las Vegas?

Yes! When the Park MGM reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the Strip’s first smoke-free resort. Smoking is not permitted in any room or suite, the casino, restaurants, or bars. Additionally, all common areas and pools are non-smoking.

Sage Advice: NoMad Las Vegas is now also a smoke-free resort, so you can play everything from the slot machines to blackjack without a smelly cloud of smoke hovering above you.

Which hotels in Las Vegas are non-smoking?

A few of my favorite non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas are Delano Las Vegas, Elara by Hilton, and Park MGM. Although they may not be completely smoke-free facilities, many hotels offer non-smoking rooms and non-smoking floors.

Is Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas a non-smoking hotel?

While all guest rooms at Circus Circus are designated as non-smoking, smoking is permitted throughout the casino, in hotel bars, and other select areas.

Does the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas have non-smoking floors?

Yes, but smoking is allowed in the casino as well as some hotel rooms. So if you have your heart set on a French-inspired destination in the Mojave Desert, be sure to request a non-smoking room. And pack plenty of Febreeze.

Does Tropicana Las Vegas have non-smoking rooms?

Yes, Tropicana Las Vegas offers non-smoking rooms. However, smoking rooms are also available. This often means that even non-smoking rooms smell of stale cigarettes.

Is Four Seasons Las Vegas non-smoking?

Yes! It’s also a non-gaming hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, just three miles from McCarran International Airport.

Is Excalibur a smoke-free hotel?

All hotel rooms at Excalibur are smoke-free. However, smoking is currently permitted on the casino floor, in stand-alone bars, and in other designated smoking areas.

Have You Yearned for a Smoke-Free Vacation in Las Vegas?

Have you been able to successfully enjoy a smoke-free vacation in Las Vegas? Do you have a non-smoking hotel, resort, or casino to recommend? Is there a tip you’d like to share with non-smokers headed to Las Vegas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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5 thoughts on “How to Enjoy a Smoke-Free Vacation in Las Vegas”

  1. You know, I’ve never really thought about how smoky Vegas is until I read this article. But, you were absolutely right! The timing is handy as we are headed to Vegas next week. We will be avoiding the smoke for sure!

  2. Yeah, that stale smoke smell is the worst! We had an AMAZING experience at the Downtown Grand. It’s off the Strip in the old downtown area (pros and cons to that), but the casino and any and all smoking was separated from the check-in area, elevator, rooms, etc. I’d definitely stay there again!

  3. We stayed at the Grand downtown and LOVED being in a non-smoking hotel. The casino was right off the lobby, but in a different direction from the rooms, so we didn’t have to schlep all of our stuff (and kids) through a smoky casino to get to our room. LOVED IT!

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