Guidelines for Everyday Postcards

Everyday Postcards - Guidelines for Submission

Do you have a picture-perfect photograph that showcases your hometown or a recent trip? Here’s how to get it featured on Everyday Postcards


What you do to send an Everyday Postcard:

  • Featured on EverydayWanderer.comSelect a horizontally-oriented photograph that captures the subject well. A variety of travel experiences are preferred including food, people, historic sites, landscapes, etc. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome, but the image should be engaging and showcase your travel experience.
  • Write a brief statement about your experience. This should be about 50 words, but a little less or a little more is just fine! Everyday Postcards that can link back to a published post will always receive priority over stand-alone postcards without a related post on your website.
  • Provide a brief bio, a link to your website, and the links to up to three social media accounts.
  • Connect with Everyday Wanderer via at least one social media platform (see the icons at the top of this page for a complete list).
  • Leave at least one meaningful comment on at least one published Everyday Postcard.
  • When the Everyday Postcard is published, you’ll be expected to promote the published postcard on your website and social media including a link back to the postcard.
  • You’ll also be expected to add the “featured on” badge to your website that links to your postcard or have another direct link to the finished postcard on your site.

What you can expect in return:

  • The opportunity to review, proof, and approve your postcard before it is published.
  • A brief bio and a link from to your website and up to three social media accounts that you choose.
  • The chance to share your hometown or travel experience with others around our big, beautiful world!

Ready to mail your postcard?

Be sure that you’ve followed me on social media and left at least one meaningful comment on a published Everyday Postcard, then contact me to discuss your postcard image and travel experience today!