Everyday Postcard from Praslin Island in the Seychelles

Everyday Postcard from Praslin Island in the Seychelles

Known for palm-fringed, sandy white beaches, Praslin Island is the second largest island of the Seychelles. Laureen from My Fab Fifties Life sent in this week’s Everyday Postcard from stunning Seychelles and describes her experience on this island chain off the east coast of Africa. 

Everyday Postcard from Praslin Island in the Seychelles

After enjoying the picture-perfect white sand beach of Praslin Island in the Seychelles (and doing a LOT of walking), Laureen dashed off this Everyday Postcard:

Hey Sage!

I’m enjoying beautiful Praslin Island in the Seychelles. It’s a very remote island off the east coast of Africa.

The beach pictured here, Anse Lazio, is often listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can see why! Even with the storm clouds brewing, it is a magnificent place. And, it’s often deserted despite its top beach ranking. Stunning Seychelles!

Your friend, Laureen

Meet Laureen Lund

Meet Laureen LundLaureen Lund is an American travel blogger and full-time traveler who has been on the road for four years with her husband of 37 years.  Retired from a career in marketing and event management, Laureen, and her husband, Arne, sold all of their belongings before setting out on the adventure of a life time.  Follow their adventures at My Fab Fifties Life where Laureen chronicles the adventures and misadventures of being a world nomad, a grey goddess, and a fab fifties travel diva.

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Where are the Seychelles Islands?

The Seychelles Islands are a remote chain of islands out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles are made of solid granite. At first glance the islands look volcanic. But they are not. Geologists believe these islands were once part of India which is now more than 2,360 miles (3,800 km) to the northeast. The granite stones are scattered around the island’s beaches like giant pink monuments.

That sounds off-the-beaten path! How did you get to Praslin Island in the Seychelles?

Flying to the Seychelles is definitely a challenge! We first stopped in Dubai and then took another flight to the main Seychelle Island of Mahe, landing in the capital city of Victoria. From there a teeny little plane took us to Praslin Island.

What was your favorite moment in the Seychelles Islands?

We spent an entire month on the island of Praslin, so I had a lot of favorite moments. The beaches are stunning, as you can see in the postcard photo. We also took day trips to the island of La Digue where there are even more beautiful beaches.

The Seychelles Islands have amazing beaches
Photo by Laureen Lund

In fact, if you are a fan of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition you might recall scenery from La Digue on the 1979 SI Swimsuit cover.  The annual edition has been shot in La Digue three times, including in 1979 when Christie Brinkley graced the cover in an iconic photo.

Fun Fact:  While there are many national flags featuring stars, only a few countries incorporate a sun into their design. Here’s what the sun symbol on the flag of Seychelles represents.

How did you travel around the island of Praslin?

In hindsight, we should have rented a car, because the island is pretty remote. Instead, we rented bicycles and did a lot of walking. During our month on Praslin Island we were in training to walk the Camino de Santiago, so we walked every day.  It’s not something you see many of the locals doing, so after a few weeks, people got used to seeing us plugging along with backpacks and hiking poles. Most would wave pleasantly and sometimes honk. The people we passed would great us with a somewhat bemused bonjour!

One of my favorite parts of travel is experiencing the local flavors. What was your favorite meal on Praslin Island?

Of all the places I’ve traveled (101 countries and counting), the cuisine on the island of Praslin was probably the least interesting. It’s a mix of Creole, French, and lots of seafood. But again, because it is such a remote destination, there aren’t a lot of restaurants, especially if you aren’t staying at a big resort. We rented a vacation home and cooked most of our meals ourselves.

We went to the same fruit vendor nearly every day, and he liked to save the best papayas for us. The island has to import most produce, and lettuce was $10 a head. So, we prepared meals based on locally-grown ingredients.

Photo by Laureen Lund

What was the weather like on Praslin Island?

We had great weather most of the month we were there. We visited in May, at the end of the good season, and the weather was beginning to turn at the end of our visit. Also at the end of May, the sea grass began to pile up on the beach as the winds changed directions. I recommend visiting the Seychelles Islands in April, May, October, or November for the best weather.

Is there an activity or attraction that folks shouldn’t miss when they visit the Seychelles Islands?

As an archipelago country, it’s no surprise that snorkeling and diving are very popular. My husband I don’t dive, but we did snorkel. We also recommend simply enjoying the beautiful beaches. You definitely won’t want to miss swimming at Gold Beach (Anse Volbert-Côte D’Or).

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Praslin Island is the second largest island in the Seychelles off the east coast of Africa. Explore Praslin Island in this week's Everyday Postcard. #seychelles #praslinisland #africa #island #beach #beachvacation #postcard

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  1. I have always wanted to visit the Seychelles. In fact, my mom-in-law had the privilege of sailing for two weeks through the various islands and had an absolutely amazing time, one of her travel highlights. Having seen her photos and the photos in this post I am once again reminded how beautiful this place is. Stunning!

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