Postcard: Praia da Marinha on Portugal’s Algarve Coast

This week’s Everyday Postcard comes from Portugal’s picturesque Algarve Coast where Kalena recently spent time exploring the coastline’s sea cliffs, beaches, and caves.

Algarve Coast Portugal Everyday Postcard

Originally from Hawaii, Kalena is a writer, anthropology buff and lover of everything outdoors. She recently spent over three years living in Spain and had the opportunity to visit Portugal this fall. Be sure to have a look at her Free Things to Do in Barcelona That Aren’t Museums post for recommendations she has compiled during her time there.

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Pro Tip:  Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Europe.

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Explore Portugal's picturesque Algarve Coast #travel #portugal #beach

4 thoughts on “Postcard: Praia da Marinha on Portugal’s Algarve Coast

  1. wow. looks amazing. I have been to Portugal before but have never seen this magnificent landscape. I really need to visit this place to see it with my own eyes. And actually I am not living far from Portugal. This is truly an amazing postcard. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thank you Vicki! The picture doesn’t even do the place justice. You should definitely make a stop there soon to see the beautiful coastline for yourself 🙂

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