Postcard: Merchant from Marrakech

UK-based female travel blogger, Justine, captured this calligraphy merchant in Marrakech, Morocco serving a customer.  Read the back of her Everyday Postcard here.

Everyday Postcard - Merchant in Marrakech

Back of Everyday Postcard - Marrakech Merchant

Justine Cross is the brains behind UK-based female travel blog:  Wanderer of the World. Although she works full-time, Justine is intent on seeing at least three new places abroad every year, a goal she has met annually since 2014. Up next on her travel bucket list is a brief stop in Iceland (her second visit to the European island nation) and then on to New York City (for the first time). Read more about her trip to Morocco here.

Wanderer of the World


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A calligraphy merchant in Marrakech, Morocco - #marrakech #morocco #travel #postcard




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