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Everyday Postcard from Bar Harbor, Maine

Everyday Postcard of a Lobster Roll in Bar Harbor, Maine

One of the best parts of exploring a new destination is tasting the local cuisine. Whether you enjoy them hot with melted butter or cold with mayonnaise, you absolutely have to eat a lobster roll when you visit the Pine Tree State. From the coastal town of Bar Harbor, Maine, Margie sends this week’s Everyday Postcard featuring one of the lobster rolls her family enjoyed on their trip to Maine.

With seven continents, nearly 200 countries, and more than 7.5 billion people in the world, there is a lot to experience. The world is so vast and amazing that even the most avid traveler with a large bank account couldn’t truly do it justice in one lifetime!

Through the Everyday Postcard series, one of the world’s everyday wanderers shares postcard-worthy photos and real-life travel experiences to bring a piece of the big wide world to you.

Everyday Postcard of a Lobster Roll in Bar Harbor, Maine

After hiking in Acadia National Park, Margie and her family tried a lobster roll in Bar Harbor, Maine. After enjoying every last bite, she dashed off this postcard:

Dear Sage,

Nothing says New England like a fresh lobster roll! We traveled to Maine this summer and had the most delicious sandwich stuffed with chunks of fresh, buttery lobster, light mayo, a touch of lemon juice, and sprinkles of fresh parsley on a split New England style toasted bun. It was served with a side of crispy fries.

This is a must try anywhere in New England!

Happy travels, Margie

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Meet Margie

Margie DQ of DQ Family TravelsMargie is the teacher turned family travel blogger behind DQ Family Travel. With her husband, Margie and their two kids have traveled around the country with a goal of visiting all 50 states before the children graduate from high school. Learn more about their trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, and get tips on how to travel with a family on a budget by visiting her blog DQ Family Travel

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Where is Bar Harbor, Maine?

Near Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is located on Mount Desert Island about halfway along the coast of Maine.

Bar Harbor Maine is on the coast of Maine

How did you get to Bar Harbor, Maine?

We were on a road trip around the Northeast. Our family flew to Baltimore and then drove up all the way to Maine. We visited 11 states on this trip and took pictures in each state for our USA photo map. This was the first multi-state road trip for the family which created our family travel goal of completing all 50 states before high school.

What was your favorite moment during your visit to Bar Harbor, Maine?

Hiking in Acadia National Park was stunning. The views of the ocean from the granite cliffs were spectacular and the hikes were gentle enough where our kids didn’t complain. Since we were only in Bar Harbor and Acadia for a couple of days, we could not do it all. We chose three of the best Acadia hikes that were scenic, yet not too steep (Ocean Path, Jordan Pond, and Bubble Rock). 

Ocean Path Trail at Acadia National Park in Maine
Hiking Ocean Path Trail at Acadia National Park in Maine. Photo by DQ Family Travel.

One of the best parts of travel is experiencing the local flavors. What was your favorite meal in Bar Harbor?

The fresh seafood in Maine is amazing. I am from Florida and am used to fresh seafood, but it was different here. The Maine lobster was sweeter and had more flavor than the Florida spiny lobster I’m used to. I had lobster three times when visiting Maine:  once as a lobster roll with mayo, another lobster roll served warm with butter, and the last was a lobster boil with corn and potatoes.

What sights cannot be missed when visiting Bar Harbor?

If you are traveling through Maine, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are must-see places, yet they are a bit remote. I would recommend stopping through some of the small coastal Maine towns such as Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. I would also advise for a stop in Portland, Maine’s largest city, as there are many things to do for people of all ages and it has a great food scene. 

What was the weather like when you visited Bar Harbor?

Sadly the weather was foggy when we visited Acadia National Park in July, so we missed some of the more dramatic vistas from above. Temperatures were in the mid 60’s, so it was very mild.

Foggy weather at Acadia National Park in Maine.
A foggy hike at Acadia National Park in Maine. Photo by DQ Family Travel.

What activity or attraction did you enjoy most in Bar Harbor?

Besides hiking in Acadia, just strolling along the downtown area of Bar Harbor was beautiful. The local shops were fun to walk into, and the locals were very friendly. Since it is right on the water, just looking at the sailboats and islands in the distance were wonderful.

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Enjoy Lobster Rolls in Bar Harbor, Maine #lobster #lobsterroll #maine

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5 thoughts on “Everyday Postcard from Bar Harbor, Maine”

  1. Yum! I used to live in Massachusetts and would seriously go to Maine sometimes just for the food! Now that I live overseas, American food like this is one of the things I really miss. Definitely overdue for a trip to New England!

  2. We tried Lobster Rolls in Portland, but no one told me there were different kinds of Lobster Rolls! So the one we tried was cold and there wasn’t any mayo on it, and I was NOT a fan! But then after I heard that there was this other kind like Margie tried that was served warm mayo and lemon and I would have MUCH rather gotten the chance to try that one. Next time we’re in Maine I’ll give this one another shot!

  3. The description and picture are making my mouth water! I’ve only had lobster rolls outside of Maine / New England, but I’ve always wanted to try them there and wasn’t sure where. Thanks for sharing, will check out Bar Harbor!

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