Postcard: Ljubljana, Slovenia

This week’s Everyday Postcard comes from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is the perfect European getaway with accommodations and restaurants that compare to more traveled destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome.


Jules and her family blog at Shades of Courage. They love to travel both near and far, from being tourists in their hometown to oceans away and in 2018 will embark on a six-month sabbatical. You can read more about their vacation in Slovenia here.

Shades of Courage

Pro Tip:  Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Europe.

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8 thoughts on “Postcard: Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. I second the fact that it’s a very walkable city! Although it’s definitely worth going on the funicular railway at least once! 😉

  2. Lovely post! I really enjoyed Ljubljana and did pretty much all the things Jules did in the postcard hahah. <3 I'd love to go back!

  3. The castle would be lovely to visit on a beautiful day :). When we went the fog and clouds covered the views of the mountains but great place to visit rain or shine.

    1. It looks amazing! I’m sad that in all the years I lived in and all the times I’ve visited Europe, I still haven’t had a chance to explore Slovenia. And, thanks, for the postcard kudos!

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