Postcard: Joshua Tree National Park

Found mostly in the Mojave desert, the spikey Joshua tree is native to the American southwest. Cassie and Meelad sent this Everyday Postcard from the Joshua Tree National Park where the Mojave and Colorado deserts intersect.

Joshua Tree National Park by

Based in Santa Monica, CA, Meelad and Cassie created Exsplore, an outdoor adventure, travel, and active lifestyle inspired blog, in 2016. Be sure to check out their Joshua Tree National Park Camping and Hiking Guide.

Are you on a tight schedule? Here are six hikes you can complete in Joshua Tree National Park in less than three hours.

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Explore the Joshua Tree National Park via this Everyday Postcard


6 thoughts on “Postcard: Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Joshua Tree has some kind of magical vibe! Always pleasure to look at beautiful shots from this place 🙂

  2. Joshua Tree looks amazing. The trees are definitely unique. Definitely one of those places where I would probably take a million photos to capture the experience. I also would love to visit the arts community. We always try to visit local makers when we travel to bring a little piece of each place home with us!

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