Postcard: Guatape, Colombia

This week’s Everyday Postcard comes from Guatape, Colombia, a resort town about two hours east of Medellin that is known for its brightly colored buildings. Read the back of the postcard sent in by Rachel to learn more about her visit.

Everyday Postcard from Guatape, Colombia

Back of Everyday Postcard from Guatape, Colombia

Rachel Shulman founded From East To West to share her love of travel and provide insight into the planning that goes into it. She specializes in detailed, efficient travel guides and itineraries as well as travel tips and recommendations for the best travel gear. Get all the details you need to travel to Medellin, Colombia in her “Traveling to Medellin, Colombia Guide.”

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Explore Guatape, Colombia, the most colorful city in the world #travel #guatape #colombia

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