Postcard: Classiebawn Castle in Ireland

American expat, Talia, recently visited the Cassiebawn Castle in County Sligo, Ireland, a 19th-century castle near the village of Cliffoney. Read the back of her Everyday Postcard here…


Talia is an American expat living in Northern Germany who shares her experiences at Go With Talia, a blog devoted to solo travel, unique experiences, gluten-free guides, travel tips and photography. See 19 more breathtaking photos in her 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Ireland’s Western Coast post.

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6 thoughts on “Postcard: Classiebawn Castle in Ireland

  1. I agree, everything is so green, something that really attracts me to visit! I hope to do a road trip of Ireland one day, and see as many beautiful landscapes and castles as I can!

  2. Those lovely Irish castles between the green grassy hills! Great colors! Miss my time in Ireland!

  3. That lush green! It is exactly how I remember Ireland to be! I mostly stayed on the North side, but I should properly explore the rest as well, and now I know where I can go 🙂

  4. Ireland will always hold a special place in my heart! I’ve only really explored the western areas of Claire and Connemarra – can’t wait to get here one day!

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