Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Sun Symbols with this Fun Flag Quiz

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Sun Symbols with this Fun Flag Quiz

Whether depicted as a simple circle or crowned with rays, only a handful of the world’s 195 countries incorporate a sun into their flag design. Most commonly, a sun symbol on a nation’s flag represents life, strength, and power. Test your knowledge of these sun flags from around the world with this fun flag quiz!

The "v" with a sun rising over it on the flag of Antigua and Barbuda stands for _______.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag
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The "v" stands for victory and celebrates the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.

The sun with a human face on the flags of Argentina and Uruguay is known as the __________.

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The Sun of May is a national symbol in both Argentina and Uruguay. It represents the The May revolution that ultimately led to independence from Spain.

The nation represented by this flag is known as the _________.

The red circle on the Japanese flag represents the sun
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Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun,” and the Japanese word for Japan, Nihon or Nippon, literally means “the origin of the sun.”

The 32 rays encircling this yellow sun sign represent ________.

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Because Kazakhstan is one of the world's major wheat and flour exporters, the 32 rays on its sun flag represent grain.

What African nation is represented by this flag?

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The canary yellow sun shining in the corner of the flag of Namibia represents life and energy.

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  1. Even without taking the quiz – a great idea. In one of my favorite sitcoms “Big Bang Theory” there is an episode that is also about flags. I still laugh about it at the 100x.

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