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How to Send an Everyday Postcard

Everyday Postcard - Guidelines for Submission

Do you want to share your travels or hometown with the world? Here’s how to submit your photos, vacation advice, and travel tips via an Everyday Postcard.

How to Send Sage an Everyday Postcard

  1. Connect with Everyday Wanderer via at least two social media platforms. (See icons in the footer of this page)
  2. Leave a meaningful comment on at least one published Everyday Postcard.
  3. Complete this form to submit your Everyday Postcard idea for consideration. To be eligible you MUST have a secure English-language website with an https:// URL. (Postcards from sites with http:// only addresses will no longer be accepted.)
  4. Once your image is approved, you will be sent a Google doc to write up your Everyday Postcard. Ultimately, you’ll need three to four photos for your postcard subject.

Pro Tip:  Share an image of food, people, animals, architecture, and historic sites in addition to landscapes. These are usually given priority over landscape postcards because they are unique!

Tips for Getting Your Postcard Published

  • Select horizontally-oriented photographs that capture your subject well. (Note that all postcard photos must be between 1200 and 1500 pixels wide.)
  • Share an image of food, people, animals, architecture, and historic sites in addition to landscapes.
  • Understand that photographers of all skill levels are welcome, but the photograph should be engaging, high-quality, and showcase your travel experience. In other words, while you don’t have to be Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, or Anne Geddes, you can’t send in blurry images or photos that don’t meet the stated requirements.
  • Submit a postcard idea that can be linked back to a topic that you’ve already featured on your website.
  • Be patient and understand that approved postcards are published in the order they are received.

What You Can Expect in Return

  • The opportunity to review, proof, and approve your Everyday Postcard before it is published.
  • Links to your website and three social media accounts so people can read more about your travel experiences.
  • The chance to share your travels (or even your hometown) with others around our big beautiful world!

Ready to Mail Your Everyday Postcard?

Be sure that you’ve followed me on social media and left at least one meaningful comment on a published postcard. Then complete this form to submit your postcard idea!

Check Out a Few Published Postcards

From sacred UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the sandy beaches of Sanur, from a gorgeous Greek island to the devastating Gospers Mountain bushfires in Australia, explore our amazing world via these Everyday Postcards.

Thank you for sharing!

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