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Everyday Postcards – Wander the World with These Real-Life Travel Experiences

With seven continents, nearly 200 countries, and more than 7.5 billion people in the world, there is a lot to experience. The world is so vast and amazing that even the most avid traveler with a large bank account couldn’t truly do it justice in one lifetime!

So wander the world, continent-by-continent, via Everyday Postcards. These postcards from all over the world feature picture-perfect photos and real-life travel experiences that bring a piece of the big wide world to you.

Everyday Postcards from Africa

A camel on the beach of Essaouira Morocco
A camel on the beach of Essaouira, Morocco. Photo by Izzy Nicholls.

Explore Africa with these Everyday Postcards from travel destinations in Africa:

  • Essaouira, Morocco.
  • Praslin Island in Seychelles.  

Everyday Postcards from Asia

Everyday Postcards from destinations in Asia like Japan's Mount Fuji
Photo by Nick Kembel

Learn more about the biggest continent in these Everyday Postcards from travel destinations in Asia:

  • Altai Taven Bogd National Park in Mongolia. In the remote western portion of Mongolia, near its borders with China and Russia,
  • Chocolate in Seoul. This delicious postcard features chocolate from Seoul, South Korea. Learn more about where to find the best chocolate truffles and other cacao treats in the South Korean capital.
  • Japan’s Mount Fuji. This sacred UNESCO World Heritage Site is actually three active volcanoes.
  • Japan’s Okunoin Cemetery. The Ichinohashi Bridge marks the entrance to one of Japan’s most sacred sites.
  • Karola Glacier in Tibet. Soaring to more than three miles above sea level, the Karola Glacier is the largest in this autonomous region of China.
  • Kerala, India.  
  • Sanur, Bali, in Indonesia.
  • Taipei, Taiwan. Located on the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei is a bustling modern city and a food-lover’s dream.

Everyday Postcards from Europe

The old Venetian Port in Chania, Crete.
Photo by Gabi Ancarola

Scout out travel destinations in Europe by skimming these Everyday Postcards:

  • Arles, France. Known for its sun-drenched scenery, rich history, and delicious food and wine, Provence is a popular region in southeastern France. Celebrate the Festival of the Herdsmen on May 1st in the Provencal town of Arles.
  • Chania on the Greek Island of Crete. Located on the northern coast of Crete, learn about Chania’s rich history, walk along the pink sand beaches, and enjoy its flavorful local cuisine through this Everyday Postcard.
  • Dublin, Ireland.  
  • Dutch Windmill in Sint Philipsland.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.  
  • Luner Lake, Austria.  
  • Palermo Cathedral in Sicily.
  • Santorini, Greece.
  • St. Petersburg, Russia. Although the majority of Russia is in Asia, about 30 percent of the country — including St. Petersburg — is on the European side of the Ural Mountains. From gilded palaces to the ornate onion-domes of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, there are many things to see and do in this beautiful city on the Baltic Sea.
  • Swansea, Wales. Come explore this beautiful coastal city with local Carly-jo.

Everyday Postcards from North America

Everyday Postcards from destinations in North America like Niagara Falls in winter

Tour destinations in Canada, the United States, and other travel destinations in North America through these Everyday Postcards:

  • Coastal San Luis Obispo County, California.  
  • Lobster Roll in Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • Niagara Falls in Winter.  
  • Springfield, Illinois. There are
  • Yellowstone National Park. Located primarily in Wyoming, but spilling into the states of Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park. 


Everyday Postcards from Oceania

Everyday Postcards from Oceana like the Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand

Experience Oceania from A to Z — or from Australia to New Zealand — and everywhere in between with Everyday Postcards from these travel destinations in Oceania:

  • Arrowtown, New Zealand. A short drive from Queenstown, Arrowtown is a small quaint town in New Zealand.
  • Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tepako, New Zealand. One of the most photographed churches in all of New Zealand, the Church of the Good Shepherd sits o
  • Easter Island.
  • Gospers Mountain Bushfires. Just days after the devastating forest fire in the Blue Mountains was extinguished, new growth was already sprouting in the burned out areas.
  • Milford Sound, New Zealand.
  • Queenstown, New Zealand.

Everyday Postcards from South America

Woman in Media Luna, Peru. Photo by Michelle Moyer.
A woman in the Andes Mountain village of Media Luna, Peru, sets a table for visitors. Photo by Michelle Moyer of Moyer Memoirs.
  • Media Luna, Peru. A day trip from either Ollantaytambo or Urubamba, this Inca village is located in southern Peru’s Andes Mountains.

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