Experience the Holidays Around the World – Without Leaving Home

Celebrate winter holidays around the world without leaving home through these recently published articles in the December wrap-up.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, where I lived as a teenager, the gift giving portion of the holidays is already over. Here are 24 other surprising facts about Christmas in the Netherlands.

Wooden Shoes are left for Sinterklaas at Christmas in the Netherlands


Can’t-Miss Holiday Foods

From Europe to Asia, twelve travel bloggers dish out the most delicious, can’t-miss foods for the holiday season. See what German Christmas treat I described as the love child of a gingerbread man and a spice cake in Travel Bloggers Reveal Must-Try Holiday Food From Around the World.

Lebkuchen is a German Christmas Treat


Christmas Market Souvenir

Souvenirs are treasured keepsakes that bring back treasured travel memories. Read why this wooden Christmas ornament is so special to me in Travel Bloggers Reveal the Best Souvenirs They’ve Ever Bought.

Christmas Market Souvenir from Germany


What About You?

How are you celebrating the holidays? Share your December experiences in the comments section below.


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