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A hand holding the Team USA and Olympic flags

Team USA: 15 Fascinating Olympic Facts

With the bang of a timpani and blare of trumpets, the Olympic theme will soon be stuck in your head as the Olympic flame is lit in Tokyo. Athletes from around the world will eagerly compete in events postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and here in the US my fellow Americans

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How to Enjoy a Smoke-Free Vacation in Las Vegas

Well known as a resort city filled with neon lights, luxurious accommodations, bustling casinos, fine dining, high-end shops, and endless entertainment, it’s easy to understand why Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination. But if you suffer from a respiratory condition, want to take good care of your lungs, are traveling with children, or just

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The Best Dishes on Southern New Mexico’s Green Chile Trail

In Maine, it’s buttery lobster. In Kansas City, it’s saucy barbeque. In Big Sky Country, it’s sweet huckleberries. And when you visit the Land of Enchantment, the dishes are full of flavorful chiles. From burgers to sushi and wine to dessert, these are the best things to eat along the Green Chile Trail in Southern

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Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta GA

25 Best Museums in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is known as the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. and as the cradle of the civil rights movement. It’s where S. Truett Cathy perfected his mouth-watering original chicken sandwich, home to the world’s busiest airport, and where the only Georgian to live in the White House built his presidential library and museum. Whether

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