Paris, London, and Rome are some of the most popular European cities to visit. But there are more than 50 other countries (and many off-the-beaten-path places) to explore in Europe.

Everyday Postcard from Luner Lake, Austria

Lüner Lake (Lünersee in German) is a large lake near the village of Brand in Austria that can be reached by a cable car system, the Lünerseebahn. Learn more about this picturesque place via this week’s Everyday Postcard from Emily.

Everyday Postcard from the Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy

Everyday Postcard from Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy

As a result of centuries of additions, alterations, and restorations, the Palermo Cathedral in Sicily, Italy, is an interesting mix of architectural styles. Learn more about the Palermo Cathedral in this week’s Everyday Postcard from Talek who visited the cathedral on a road trip through southern Italy.

How to Speak Yankee – A Guide for People Who Speak Queen’s English

Brits visiting America should see if they're eligible for pre-clearance.

The differences in verb tenses, vocabulary, and pronunciation can make it harder than you might think for two English speakers to communicate. This picture guide do the differences between British English and American English will help those who have learned Queen’s English know how to speak Yankee when visiting the United States.

Everyday Postcard from a Dutch Windmill in Sint Philipsland

Dutch Windmill in St. Philipsland

On the southwestern coast of the Netherlands, Sint Philipsland is a small, quiet community far from heavily visited tourist destinations elsewhere in the Netherlands. This Dutch windmill is one of many that have played important roles in the country’s history. Learn more about Dutch windmills in this week’s Everyday Postcard sent in by Rianne.

13 Things to Do in Istanbul, Turkey

13 Things to Do in Istanbul, Turkey

From climbing medieval stone towers to stepping inside one of the world’s largest cathedrals, from sailing between two continents to sipping Turkish tea, there are many things to do in Istanbul, Turkey. 

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