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My Night at an Airstream Hotel: Treetopia Campground in Catskill, NY

Sage sipping coffee on the deck of a Treetopia Airstream hotel

If you want to spend time in the great outdoors but don’t want the hassle of pitching a tent (or giving up creature comforts like a hot shower or electricity), then a glamping adventure at an Airstream hotel might be for you. Treetopia Campground in Catskill, New York, offers a comfortable outdoor experience in modern Airstreams.

A special thanks to Treetopia Campground for inviting me to experience their Airstream hotel. They provided me with one night’s lodging in an Airstream Bambi. But you can count on me to always share my honest opinions, regardless of who foots the bill.

Do you sleep better when a symphony of cicadas serenades you while a crisp mountain breeze blows over you?

Me, too! 

But I want this experience without a lot of effort or expense. Thankfully, there are Airstream hotels popping up from coast to coast!

Deck of the Treetopia Campground Airstream Hotel
The deck attached to my Airstream hotel "room"


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What Is An Airstream Hotel?

You likely recognize the name Airstream. After all, the aerodynamic, polished aluminum travel trailers have been crisscrossing the continent for nearly a century. But what is an Airstream hotel?

An Airstream hotel is a unique accommodation that allows you to spend the night in an iconic camper without dropping $50,000 to $165,000 on a rig, another $30,000 to $50,000 on a vehicle large enough to haul it, and an ever-increasing amount on gasoline to get both to your camping destination.

And unlike regular camping (or glamping), there is little need to prepare, pack, set up, or tear down. You don’t need to remember which hose gets hooked up where, and you certainly don’t need to empty any smelly tanks. Because whether you stay in a vintage trailer or a modern model, when you spend the night at an Airstream hotel, everything is set up for you and ready for your enjoyment.

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Bed in Treetopia Airstream Hotel
The sleeping space in my Airstream hotel "room" at Treetopia Campground

Where is Treetopia Campground?

Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Upstate New York, Treetopia Campground is in Catskill on the left bank of the Hudson River. It’s just west of I-87, the New York State Thruway where Leeds Athens Road intersects with Forest Hills Avenue and Valley Road.

The campground is about 15 minutes from Olana State Historic Site and about 25 minutes from the scenic hiking trails of the Kaaterskill Wild Forest, making it a great “home base” for a long weekend (or more) in the Hudson River Valley.


How Many Airstreams Are at Treetopia Campground?

Guests can enjoy Airstream glamping in one of two trailers at Treetopia Campground: standard and jumbo. Both are set up in the private section of the campground and are anchored to a Treetopia deck, a wooden platform that includes a gas grill, high-top picnic table, seating area, and fire pit.

The standard Airstream hotel experience that I enjoyed is 200 square feet of space with a full bathroom and kitchen. In the adjacent campsite, the jumbo Airstream is a 30-foot rig with a separate master bedroom with a queen bed and a twin over full bunk bed that can easily accommodate five campers.

Dining Table of Airstream Hotel
The dining table in the Airstream converts into additional sleeping space

Arriving at Treetopia Campground

When you spend the night at an Airstream hotel, check-in feels a bit like a traditional motel. Once you have your key in hand, you simply pull up next to your “room.” But instead of brick-and-mortar lodging, you’ll be spending an amazing night in a unique room surrounded by nature.

After hiking to Kaaterskill Falls and enjoying a delicious dinner, it was dark when I arrived at Treetopia Campground, and the office was closed for the evening. But the staff left a large manila envelope with my key, a grounds map, and a booklet of nearby attractions to make my after-hours check-in a snap.

Airstream Glamping at Treetopia Campground

The Airstream Bambi at Treetopia exceeded my wildest dreams! It was adorably decorated, incredibly comfortable, and an amazing first Airstream glamping experience. 

Just inside the door of the camper is a four-seat banquette with padded bench seating and cute throw pillows. It’s the perfect amount of space for eating, working, or playing games. The dinette converts into an additional sleeping space, but since I was traveling solo, it went unused during my stay.

To the right is a double bed with wrap-around windows. While most hotel rooms are equipped with two queen beds or a king bed, I was quite comfortable in this double bed. The Airstreams at Treetopia come with limited pillows, bedding, and towels. The team at Treetopia ensured I had bath towels and pillows, which I greatly appreciated. But I wish I had a warmer blanket with me for the bed. If you are like me and get cold easily, be sure to bring an extra blanket when you visit!

Kitchen in Airstream Hotel
The kitchen in the Airtream Bambi at Treetopia

The kitchen in the Airstream camper went above and beyond typical hotel accommodations, with a full galley kitchen including a refrigerator, cooktop, and  microwave. There’s also a coffee maker with coffee and cute Treetopia camp mugs!

And if you prefer an outdoor kitchen and dining area when you camp, Treetopia Campground has you covered. Whether you book the standard or jumbo Airstream, it’s attached to an amazing wooden deck that includes an outdoor grill, picnic table, shaded outdoor seating, and fire ring.

There are plenty of power outlets throughout the Airstream, including a plug-in outside on the Treetopia deck. It was great to sit outside under the twinkle lights on a gorgeous fall evening, editing photos and working on an article in the Catskills!

The bathroom in my Airstream Hotel at Treetopia Campground in Catskill NY

Is There a Bathroom in the Airstream?

As someone who really REALLY loves indoor plumbing, this was an important question to me when I considered a night at an Airstream resort.

I’m delighted to report that the answer is yes! And while some camper bathrooms feel cramped and a little too, um, rustic, the bathroom in the Airstream Bambi was wonderful. Other than a window that opened to gorgeous wooded views (rather than an alley or unsightly wall), it was as comfortable as many hotel bathrooms in big cities like New York or Chicago! It came with generous counter space and a walk-in shower that included a bench.

Outdoor Cooking Space at Treetopia
Outdoor cooking space on the deck of my Treetopia Airstream hotel "room"

Modern Amenities at Treetopia Airstream Hotel

While some hotel amenities include breakfast, an indoor swimming pool, and fitness center, that’s not the case at Treetopia. However, you can enjoy your coffee or breakfast outdoors on the wooden deck, cool off in the outdoor pool, and then work up a sweat building a fire. (Make sure to  pre-order a bundle of firewood or two when you book your stay.)

Glamping in the Catskills at Treetopia includes a television in each Airstream, but I was so busy enjoying the crisp fall night (and editing my photos from the day) that I never turned it on. I can attest to high-quality WiFi included with your Airstream rental.

Sage Advice: Guests can rent a golf cart in four-hour increments to tour the campgrounds.

If I Could Change One Thing About My Stay at Treetopia Campground

I had an amazing night at Treetopia Campground and will definitely stay there on my next trip to the Catskills. But if I could change one thing, it would be to include additional blankets.

Sage’s Summary

If you want to give Airstream glamping a try, Treetopia Campground is my favorite place for it in the Catskills. Whether you book the standard or jumbo option, you’ll find your Airstream hotel room to be well designed, comfortably appointed, clean, and quiet. It’s a convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors without going to a lot of trouble or purchasing a lot of gear.

To Book a Stay at Treetopia Airstream Hotel

Treetopia Campground is located at 1446 Leeds Athens Rd in Catskill, NY. See additional photos, check availability, get current nightly rates, and book your stay via the Treetopia Campground website.

Have You Stayed at an Airstream Hotel?

How was your stay? What did you like most about Airstream glamping? Was there anything disappointing about your stay? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Statue of Liberty with the New York City skyline


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  1. I was just thinking this yesterday how I wished the campgrounds would have trailers to rent for a night or 2. We have yurts and dome tents, but I don’t think we have actual trailers. It’s a bonus that these ones have a bathroom

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