2017 – A Year in Review

In three short months, Everyday Wanderer went from launch to this 2017 year in review recap.

After a 15 month gestation period, April the Giraffe gave birth to baby Tajiri in Harpursville, New York this past spring while millions of people watched from around the world. Across the country in Kansas City, after a 15-month delay due to a devastating house flood, Everyday Wanderer was born in September 2017.

While my travel blog is still in diapers, it seems to be growing up before my eyes. Just like my first year of motherhood many years ago, each day with my newborn blog brings proud milestones and a few tearful lessons learned. I also find myself as sleep-deprived as I was with infant twins as I stay up way too late writing my travel blog after working full-time and raising my four children. But like motherhood, I wouldn’t trade the exhilarating exhaustion for anything else in the world. Talk about a labor of love!


2017 by the Numbers

Looking back at 2017, these are the most popular posts, articles, and other accomplishments for the year. Well, the year since September…


Five Tips to Help Kids Appreciate Art Museums

As the daughter of an artist, my childhood involved a lot of time in art museums. I certainly didn’t appreciate the experience at the time and ultimately developed these five tips help kids from one to 92 learn to appreciate art museums.

Article:  5 Tips to Help Kids of All Ages Appreciate Art Museums

As 2017 came to a close, my mom, daughters, and I visited Through the Eyes of Picasso together at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art while everyone was together in Kansas City for the holidays.


Seven Tips to Take Better Travel Photos

Whether you take travel pics with a phone or a fancy camera, the seven tips in this popular 2017 article will help you take better travel photos to forever preserve your travel memories.

Article:  Take Better Travel Photos – 7 Tips

7 Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com #photography #travel #traveltips #photos #phototips    7 Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com #photography #travel #traveltips #photos #phototips


Eight Tips for Healthy Eating When Traveling

With more than 30 flights flown and more than 50 nights spent in hotels in 2017, it would have been easy to gain a few pounds ton while traveling during the year. I work hard to embrace these eight tips, and my article sharing them was one of the most read pieces of the year.

Article:  Eat Healthy When Traveling – 8 Tips

Infographic: 8 tips for healthy eating while traveling - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com | #healthyeating #infographic #traveltips


Nine Things to do in Salt Lake City

I was lucky enough to spend nearly 30 days in the beautiful, high desert community of Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017.

Sounds amazing, right?

But before you get too jealous, know that all of my travel to Salt Lake City in 2017 was for work (wipes away nine tears). So besides a few amazing meals, I haven’t been able to experience much of the Crossroads of the West. These travel bloggers came to the rescue and allowed me to live vicariously through them and create a list of nine things to add to my Travel Bucket List for Salt Lake City.

Article:  9 Things to do in Salt Lake City

Looking forward to 2018, I hope to get to fit at least one, small sightseeing or other adventure into each business trip to Salt Lake City in the coming year.


10 Up and Coming US Travel Destinations

From Portland, Maine to Kihei, Hawaii, you’ll want to explore these ten up and coming US travel destinations as you make your 2018 travel plans. I know I’m looking forward to spending time in #7 in February, especially because it will give me a break from winter in Kansas City.

Article:  10 Up and Coming US Travel Destinations

10 up and coming travel destinations for 2018 - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com #travel #utah #parkcity    10 up and coming travel destinations for 2018 - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com #travel #maine #portlandme


16 Everyday Postcards

After brainstorming with my amazing friend, Michelle, who blogs at Book Thoughts from Bed while bravely battling ALS, the Everyday Postcard feature was launched toward the end of September. In 2017, 16 photographers and travel bloggers sent in picture-perfect postcards from around the world. The feature will continue in 2018, so be sure to check back every Monday to learn about our big, beautiful world through their adventures.

Feature:  2017 Everyday Postcards

If you have a new year’s resolution to read more, you won’t want to miss Michelle’s “Kind of Like a Book Club” feature that allows readers from around the world to participate in a virtual book club via Book Thoughts from Bed. January’s selection is a true story set in rural Virginia, so travel to the East Coast without leaving the comfort of home by joining the club.

Can you guess which 2017 Everyday Postcard was the most popular?  Answer here.


48 Hours in Cincinnati

Other than flying in and out of Cincinnati, Ohio for work, I’d never had the opportunity to spend time in the Queen City. Luckily, that changed when Charlotte, Louise, and I had a chance to spend a few days in Cincy in October. From the Cincinnati Zoo to more than 130 murals, we had an amazing time and I have a mega crush on Cincinnati.

Article:  48 Hours in Cincinnati

10 Cincinnati Sights to See Via Streetcar - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com | #travel #cincinnati #ohio    Cincinnati Murals - A Self-Guided Walking Tour - 2017 Year in Review Article | EverydayWanderer.com | #cincinnati #cincy #ohio #cinci


100 Things Every American Should Know Before Visiting Europe

If you’re one of the 12 million Americans visiting Europe in the upcoming year, this detailed list will help you plan and enjoy your experience to its fullest. This article has been shared more than 100 times and continues to be augmented from time to time with additional bonus tips from travelers.

Article:  100 Things Every American Should Know Before Visiting Europe

Traveling to Europe - What every American should know - 2017 Year in Review Article | Everyday Wanderer.com | #travel #europe #america #american #monalisa    What every American should know before visiting Europe - 2017 Year in Review Article | #europe #american #travel #travelplanning EverydayWanderer.com

The Year Ahead

May your 2018 be full of good health, endless happiness, and an insatiable desire to wander near and far!

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